GOOD Morning Green Smoothie

Prep Time
5 minutes

2 servings


  • 1 banana*

  • Juice from one lemon

  • 1 Tbsp Chia seed or flaxmeal (optional)

  • 3 Tbsp (or so) of water or coconut water

  • 1 peeled carrot OR 1 stalk of celery

  • ½ cucumber

  • ½ granny smith apple

  • 2 heaping handfuls of kale (I use spinach to mix it up sometimes)

  • 1 handful of ice on top

  • *1 banana for first-timers, otherwise skip the banana and add 1 inch of fresh ginger


  1. Place ingredients from bottom to top in a Vitamix, BlendTec or other good blender.

  2. Blend and enjoy!

Start the day off with vegetables (full of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber) and hydration!

Chia Leah