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Choosing a Healthy Life Style — Empowering Other to do the Same

We Are What We Eat

If we make some simple changes in lifestyle, we can get well — I am living proof! 11 years and 40lbs ago, I was struggling with a lack of energy among other health issues. I stumbled into a new mom boot camp and so began my love for group fitness and appreciation for nutrition. I am a certified and practicing fitness instructor through Maddogg AthleticsAFAA,  Schwinn and Stages Cycling. I am also a certified health coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I am motivating clients to reach their long term health goals, one small habit change at a time.

At my office in Wilmette, Illinois, I work with men, women, whole families, teens, lead small groups and workshops on specific topics. I also present to corporate groups, schools and many non-profits. Thanks to modern technology, I even work remotely with clients in several other states. Some clients come to me with a Dr.'s order to implement a specific plan, and others come to me on their own with more general goals in mind that we work to refine and accomplish. We are all unique and my passion is to understand each client's health history and guide them with tools that will be successful for their way of life. 

Put the power back in your hands

  • Embrace "real" food

  • Overcome emotional eating

  • Regain your energy

  • Balance your mood

  • Sleep more soundly



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Upcoming Events


Chia Leah Clean eats

Healthy Grab and Go treats and snacks. Small batch foods crafted by hand in a local certified kitchen. Made with the highest quality ingredients + no refined sugars or presevatives.



Health Coaching

Together we set realistic & attainable goals, and transform those goals into action, one small change at a time. Meeting weekly at a regular schedule time, Leah’s health coaching program take a holistic approach to  push clients to prioritize themselves by building a foundation of sustainable new habits.


Workshops & Presentations

Chia Leah's approach is to educate and empower others to live a healthy lifestyle by adding in healthier foods and habits rather than restriction or extreme dieting. She presents to adults, children 9-12 as well as teens. Please contact Leah for topics or specific areas of interest.


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Embrace your own health & Wellness
— Chia Leah