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Choosing a Healthy Life Style — Empowering Other to do the Same

Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

Empowering others to do the same


One-On-One & Small Groups

Health Coaching


One Time Consultations & Services

One Time Intensive Consultation

This is the place to start whether you want health coaching or just a 1 time consult to give you the tools you need to start adding in more health. Consultations are 1-1.5 hours and include an extensive follow up of suggestions, tools & resources.



  • One In Person or Remote Meeting

  • Health History

  • Handouts, Recipes & Samples

  • Extensive Written Follow-Up


Pantry Purification

Leah will come to your home, (or grocery store tour as an alternative), and work with you to cleanse your pantry. Each pantry is unique, each follow up is personalized for you with pantry essentials, grocery lists and recipes just for you.



  • Discussion on Your Nutritional Preferences

  • Lists, Tools and Implementation Ideas to Give Your Fridge, Pantry and Counter a Boost of Health

  • Non-Judgmental and No Nonsense FUN!


Health Coaching Programs

Weekly sessions

Weekly half hour health coaching 3 to 6 month program including weekly written follow-up & accountability



  • Weekly Meetings

  • Health History

  • Weekly Written Follow-Ups

  • Weekly Accountability and Support

  • Handouts, Recipes & Samples

  • Personalized Approach to Your Health Needs


Topics and material to motivate A Healthier You

Presentations & Workshops



Chia Leah's approach is to educate and empower others to live a healthy lifestyle by adding in healthier foods and habits rather than restriction or extreme dieting. She presents to adults, children 9-12 as well as teens.

Please contact Leah for other popular topics or specific areas of interest.


Adult Topics INCLUDE

  • Eating for the Season

  • Go-To Family Recipes

  • Gluten Free Eating

  • Hormone Health

  • Mood Foods

  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Life

  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods

  • Sugar Blues


  • Teen Athletes: Eating for Energy

  • Eat a Rainbow

  • Smart Snacks

  • Smoothie Lab

  • "Techno" Stress