Pantry Purification/Grocery Store Tours

Pantry Purification/Grocery Store Tours


Pantry Purification/Grocery Store Tours

1-1.5 hours

Two options:

  1. Pantry Purification: Leah will come to your home, within Chicagoland area, (or we can work remotely) and with you, clean up your kitchen. First, we pull out non-foods, then discussing your nutrition preferences and giving you the lists, tools and implementation ideas needed to give your pantry, fridge and kitchen counter a boost of health. This is clean, non-judgmental FUN! Leah will contact you to set up a time to meet once payment is received. Each pantry is unique, each follow up is personalized for you with pantry essentials, grocery lists and recipes just for you.

  2. Grocery Store Tour: Leah will meet you at your preferred grocery store to walk the store with you, pick out new & good foods to add into your routine and educate you about upgrading certain choices. You will have lots of time for questions and amazing groceries to take home and implement with personalized recipes just for you. This is great for adults AND kids, (and often a combo works as well). If you have kids who you struggle to get to eat healthy, this is a non-confrontational way to introduce new foods and puts the power of choice into your kids hands.

After your purchase, Leah will contact you to schedule a time for your pantry purification or grocery store tour. Plan to spend a good 10 minutes over the phone or email to share your concerns and current health issues.

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